Chris Pratt and Chris Evans may have been rivals in the weeks leading up to the Superbowl, but the two Marvel stars have proved their best when working together, after taking part in ‘The Tonight Show’s’ ‘Celebrity Photobomb’ segment.

chRIS pRATTChris Pratt has been helping Jimmy Fallon and Chris Evans with some epic photobombs

Seahawks fan Pratt and Patriots supporter Evans had been building up a friendly rivalry over social media after their teams made it to the Superbowl final. The two eventually made a bet that if the Seahawks lost Pratt had to show up at Evans' non-profit housing venture Christopher's Haven, dressed as Star-Lord. Then if the Patriots lost, Evans would have to pay a visit to a Seattle children's hospital dressed as Captain America.

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Well we all know what happened and while Pratt is probably ironing his Star-Lord costume as we speak, Evans has also tweeted he’ll be accompanying his friend to Christopher's Haven and the pair will also pay a visit to the Seattle children's hospital.

But the Superbowl fun didn't stop there for the two actors. Both joined Jimmy Fallon for a special Superbowl edition of ‘Celebrity Photobomb’ which saw them sneak up behind unsuspecting fans ahead of the big game.

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The superhero duo showed off some pretty impressive skills during the photobombing session, including Evans jumping over the 6 feet, 2 inches tall Pratt’s shoulders. Along with Fallon they also managed to pull of a triple piggyback, making for one very memorable photo for two football fans.

You can take a look at Pratt, Evans and Fallon in action here: