Well, fear not- because it turns out even celebrities are guilty of the social media sin. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night Guardians of the Galaxy co-stars Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista told a funny story about a message Pratt sent to WWE Heavyweight Champion Bautista whilst under the influence of Ambien, a sleeping pill.

Chris Pratt
Pratt was mortified when Bautista reminded him about the message the following morning

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Bautista recalled the story: "I get this text…Chris and I were both amateur wrestlers and I get this text one night…it's the sweetest text in the world. He's telling me how much he loves me and he says he's so proud of me. He's amazed i'm doing such a great job, and then the farther you go down…he's calling me out in this text saying he thinks he could take me and he said nobody has to know!"

Pratt responded with good humour, saying he couldn't remember a thing and it wasn't until Dave brought it up that he even knew he'd sent a message. "He came up to me and goes, 'Chris, I want to talk to you about this text you sent last night,' and I was like, 'what text?' I had taken an Ambien the night before. It was like a drunk text!" 

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel suggested the two settle the debate in the studio, but Chris revealed the showdown had taken place: "It already happened…we know who won!"

The cast of this summer's big superhero movie are currently on the press circuit promoting Guardians of the Galaxy ahead of its release on August 1st. They were all present at the film's world premiere on Monday night at The Dolby Theatre in LA. 

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