Guardians of the Galaxy's quest for world domination seems to be going pretty well- the film has not only slain at the box office, it's won over the critics, and perhaps most importantly, the fans. But the film's success has also had a more musical impact: its delightfully retro soundtrack, featuring 1970's pop and rock hits, has gone straight to the top of the iTunes Charts.


Featuring songs including 10CC's 'I'm Not In Love' and The Five Stairsteps 'Ooh Child', it's an electic group of tracks brought together under the title 'Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1'. Audiences were given a sneak peek of things to come in the film's trailer, when Blue Swede's 'Hooked on a Feeling' made an appearence and set the tone for things to come. 

The soundtrack, as well as delivering on its promise of being 'Awesome', is highly important to the film's plot, though it's difficult to say exactly why without giving away too many details. Suffice to say that every track in the film is picked with a reason in mind, and producer Kevin Fiege particularly was keen to make sure the soundtrack meant something to the diverse audience Marvel wanted to draw into their decidely out-there film: "You hear Hooked on a Feeling, and it starts to humanize even the most alien of the characters." 

Watch the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy here.

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