A 15 second teaser trailer has been released for Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel's upcoming action epic, as fans wait patiently for a full-length trailer. The new teaser may be finished in virtually the blink of an eye but we're given a glimpse of just enough of the film to get that little bit more excited. For a start, we see a pretty hench Chris Pratt as his character Peter Quill, AKA Star-Lord, as well as some mind-boggling special effects and death-defying stunts.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Concept Art 1
The First Teaser Trailer Has Been Released For Upcoming Marvel Action Movie, 'Guardians Of The Galaxy.'

There has been a great deal of chatter on the internet regarding the potential success of Guardians of the Galaxy and whether it'll be Marvel's first flop movie. The concern partly stems from the notion that an entirely new host of characters are being introduced all at once without any precursors in other movies. Some say that GOTG will not do as well as Marvel's most successful film, The Avengers, because the characters have not had the individual movie back-stories like the Avengers did.

There's little wonder then, why fans have been drip-fed news, photos and artwork from the movie for what has felt like years. Guardians of the Galaxy represents a risk for the studios but judging by the teaser, the film should be a knock-out in terms of action-packed scenes, stunning visuals and a stellar cast, including Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Glenn Close, Lee Pace and Bradley Cooper.

Watch The New 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Teaser:

Several of these characters won't be live action, rather will be digitally-generated characters with the actors voicing the parts. Cooper's Rocket Raccoon would be the best example of such a character, along with Diesel, who plays the tree-like mutant Groot. Not that we see much of these characters in the trailer though; we catch split second glimpses of numerous scenes before we see Groot roaring at the end of the clip.

What we do see is our first glimpse of Korath (played by Djimon Hounsou), as well as a brief look at Doctor Who's Karen Gillan as Nebula, a part which required the Scottish actress to shave all her hair off.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Poster 2
In The Clip, We See Just Enough Characters & Action Shots To Confirm Our Excitement.

We catch a shot of Pratt's Quill walking through what looks like a temple with a glowing orb on the floor, which has been speculated to be either the same orb that Pace's baddie Ronan The Accuser is searching for, or one of the mysterious Infinity Stones. We also see Pratt's character driving a pretty awesome looking spaceship whilst slaloming his way through explosions in the sky.

Marvel sure love to tease their fans. Guardians of the Galaxy will be released on the 1st August this year with a full-length trailer expected very soon.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Poster
'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Will Be Released On The 1st August This Year.