It’s finally time for you to take a look at Guardians of The Galaxy – the highly anticipated movie from Marvel starring Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillan, Dave Batista and Lee Pace, to name just a few.

Chris PrattChris Pratt doing his best impression of the old-school Matthew McConaughey

First off: this isn’t your average Marvel superhero movie featuring traditional all-American saviours clad in intricately designed suits. These guys are misfits, and the story adds levity to the well-trodden genre almost exclusively walked by Marvel themselves.

In the trailer we find our band of misfits captured by the authorities, as John C. Reilly regales his colleague of the pertinent information, like: Drax, aka the Destroyer (played by Batista) who has been on a rampage across the galaxy since his family were killed.

Then there’s Gamora (Saldana) – a soldier, an assassin, wanted on over a dozen counts of murder. Rocket (Cooper) a little racoon who steals vehicles and escapes from confinements with ease; he’s travelling round with Groot (Diesel) as his personal bodyguard.

Watch the trailer for Guardians of The Galaxy

And lastly, there’s Jason Quill, aka Star Lord – he’s mainly wanted on minor charges, but doesn’t really give a damn about his incarceration, and is more inclined to get himself tazered over his personal music collection.

What a bunch of A-holes indeed.

The Story: Star Lord, after coming into contact with the powerful blur orb we see right at the beginning of the trailer, meets his future crew in jail for attempting to steal said blue orb. They then traverse the galaxy making sure to steer clear of Ronan (Lee) and Nebula (Karen Gillan) who have their own, evil – we’re sure – reasons for stealing the orb themselves.

Rocket and GrootRocket and Groot do their thing in Guardians of The Galaxy

We don’t get to see Rocket speak in the trailer, but the furry badass is certainly one of the most anticipated aspects of the film, especially as we see him spit in revolt of the authorities and later shooting bad guys on the back of the mighty Groot.

“One thing we debated was…he’s seen as a cockney accent sometimes, so we talked about whether we’d do that or do this sort of other guy from the city a little bit,” explained Cooper to Collider late last year. He also praised Pratt’s performance late last year calling it “unbelievable” and saying that it “blew him away.

But we nearly didn’t have the emerging talents of Pratt guarding the galaxy, as the young actor suffered from self confidence when going for the part of Star Lord.

Zoe SaldanaSaldana's Gamora doesn't look to perturbed about being arrested

"I remember originally they were like, 'Hey, what do you think about this "Guardians of the Galaxy" idea.' I was like, 'I don't know,” he told MTV earlier this month.

“I feel fat. I don't want to go embarrass myself and have them say "no" to me.' Then I would go online and see this list. They were like 'The Dream List,' and it would be 25 actors, all of whom have beaten me out for roles. I wasn't even on the list," Pratt said.

"I was like, 'No way. That's a bad idea.' I was circling around it for a long time, and they kept testing people and testing people, and no one was right for it." Of course, he did it, and between that and The Lego Movie, Pratt has asserted himself as one of 2014's brightest stars.

Guardians of The Galaxy - directed by James Gunn - is set to be released this summer on August 1st 2014.

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Michael RookerBenico Del Toro as Yondu

Does Rocket care? Probably not

GrootAn inquisitive Groot takes in his surroundings

Dave Batista Batista provides brawn as Drax

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