We were a little sceptical about last week's plot leak regarding Jurassic World, not least because Universal had done a pretty great job of keeping a lid on things so far. However, it's with a heavy heart that director Colin Trevorrow has confirmed that the rumors leaking online were in fact accurate.

Jurassic World

In an exclusive interview with /Film, a downbeat Trevorrow said: "When I was a kid, you got to discover everything at once, it washed over you and blew your mind. Now it only takes one person to spoil it for everyone else. I hope whoever leaked it is actively trying to undermine what we're doing. Because if they're trying to help, they're doing it wrong."

The filmmaker - whose only other previous credit is the comedy-drama Safety Not Guaranteed - called the leak "discouraging", saying, "not because we want to hide things from the fans, but because we're working so hard to create something full of surprises."

Don't read on should you not want to know anything about Jurassic World.

The details leaked on JoBlo last week suggested 'Jurassic World' will be real running theme park with monorail, shops, rides and shows. To get there, visitors need to take a shuttle boat from Florida. Attractions include a Dino petting zoo - which must breach health and safety regulations. 

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Things begin to go wrong when the greedy park staff fuse together a T-Rex, raptor, snake and cuttlefish to create a monstrous new dinosaur. Of course, it breaks loose and takes over the park. 

Trevorrow gave some further details of the new dino, saying, "...there will be one new dinosaur created by the park's geneticists. The gaps in her sequence were filled with DNA from other species, much like the genome in the first film was completed with frog DNA. This creation exists to fulfill a corporate mandate - they want something bigger, louder, with more teeth. And that's what they get."

He also revealed that Jurassic World will take place 22 years after the first movie and will explore two primary themes: greed and our indifference toward scientific discovery. 

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"What if, despite previous disasters, they built a new biological preserve where you could see dinosaurs walk the earth.and what if people were already kind of over it? We imagined a teenager texting his girlfriend with his back to a T-Rex behind protective glass. For us, that image captured the way much of the audience feels about the movies themselves. 'We've seen CG dinosaurs. What else you got?' Next year, you'll see our answer."

Jurassic World stars Chris Pratt, Vincent D'Onofrio, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jake Johnson and Judy Greer. It hits theaters on June 12, 2015.