We all knew it would be big. Bring back the Jurassic Park franchise after a gap of 14 years, add Chris Pratt and a fearsome new dinosaur into the mix, and push the Steven Spielberg connection (albeit as executive producer), and Universal has undoubtedly got a hit on its hands.

Chris Pratt outside ITV StudiosChris Pratt: now one of Hollywood's most bankable stars

But it's not until after Jurassic World's opening weekend that anyone knew quite how big it would be. The film has debuted in the US with a whopping $204.6million, doubling the studio's original weekend estimate, Box Office Mojo reports.

Yesterday, we reported that Colin Trevorrow's blockbuster smashed expectations on its first day of release, making $82.8m in America by the end of Friday. But the weekend figures are even more impressive, putting Jurassic World firmly at number two in the biggest weekends of all time, slightly behind The Avengers ($207.4m) and comfortably in front of Avengers: Age of Ultron, which earned $191.2m on its opening weekend in May.

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It's also far and away Chris Pratt's biggest opening - more than double Guardians of the Galaxy's $94.3m last summer. 

And if we get really technical, Jurassic World's theatre average is actually the best of all time, at $47.9K per theatre - just ahead of The Avengers - proving that dinosaurs are more than a match for superheroes when it comes to putting bums on seats.

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So it won't come as a surprise to learn that Chris Pratt has already signed up to at least one sequel.

In second place at the US box office is Spy. The Melissa McCarthy action comedy dropped a light 45% to earn $16m this week. Dwayne Johnson's San Andreas is at number three with $11m.

Watch the trailer for Jurassic World here: