It looks as though Lego mania will stretch over one more weekend as Feb 21-23 gears up to be the dullest in box office history. And while most people who saw The Lego Movie went to see it in the last few weeks its been out, you can expect another healthy addition its gross come Monday (February 24, 2014). Check out our Lego Movie trailer and review.

Lego MovieThe Lego Movie has been a huge success

Having opened to $69m on opening weekend, the critically acclaimed animation has gone from strength to strength, bringing its total, international gross to nearly $200m. What’s more, the movie is yet to hit international markets like Japan and large parts of Western Europe, and with a Chinese release yet to be announced, you can safely add another $150m, give-or-take, to the overall total.

This weekend’s competition makes it easy for the Warner Bros. caper, with the following films set for release on Friday, Feb 21: 3 Days to Kill, Aaka Kalyanam (limited), Barefoot (limited), Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me (limited), Highway (limited), Holy Ghost People (limited), In Secret (limited), Omar (limited), The Wind Rises (limited; expands: Feb. 28).

The only non-limited release is 3 Days to Kill, a film in which Kevin Costner plays a dangerous international spy who is determined to give up his high stakes life to finally build a closer relationship with his estranged wife and daughter. It doesn’t sound good, there’s been hardly any marketing, and the Lego Movie will obliterate it.

It’s been a Lego-centric few weeks for the Box Office. As if from nowhere, Warner Bros’ foray into the animated film space exploded with life, and one of the most critically acclaimed computer animations hit the market with a bang. And it doesn't stop there: with the upcoming Simpsons Lego episode - celebrating 25 years of the yellow family and a special new Lego Simpsons set - there’s no knowing which direction the franchise will go when the inevitable Lego Movie 2 is released.

Lego movieThe Simpsons Lego episode is in celebrate a new Lego Simpsons collection, pictured above. Image credit: LEGO