Earlier this month, Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt surprised fans around the world with a memorable radio appearance in which he showcased his impressive rapping skills. Contact Music looks at some other talented actors who are surprisingly good at rap.

1) Chris Pratt

Chris PrattGuardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt

Earlier this month, the actor set the internet alight when he flawlessly rapped Eminem’s verse on ‘Forgot About Dre’ live on a US radio show. The Guardians of the Galaxy star surprised host DJ Whoo Kid by declaring his love for Eminem and Dr Dre before working his way through the song word-for-word for over a minute.

At the time, Pratt said: “Me and my friend liven in van in Maui and we listened to that and smoked weed every day, and I know every word [to every song on the album, The Chronic 2001].” The interview and subsequent rap can be seen here.

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2) Sandra Bullock

sandra bullockOscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock

Pratt isn’t the first blockbuster star to flaunt their talents for hip hop. Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock impressed audiences during an appearance on British TV show 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' by reciting the Sugar Hill Gang’s 1979 track 'Rapper’s Delight.'

After requests to give the actress ‘some beats, yo’, Bullock proceeded to successfully burst out rhymes to the hip hop classic, before laughing off her performance to the cheering audience. The Gravity star explained how she had learned the words to the track in order to impress a boy when she was still in high school. Bullock joked: “And sadly, it worked.”

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