The Lego Movie has continued its success streak at the top of the box office upon opening in the UK after having premiered in the USA last week. The fun and colourful animated movie, which is based on the iconic Danish toys, has outperformed rivals by nearly double with $48.8 (£29.1)million over the three-day Presidents Day and Valentine's Day weekend, according to Box Office Mojo.

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The Lego Movie' Saw A Second Impressive Weekend Of Success.

The movie's success can likely be attributed to its glowing reviews across the board, the family-friendly jokes, and the enthusiasm towards the brand amongst older generations as well as children. The film has been praised for its state-of-the-art visuals, stellar cast, and a genuinely engaging storyline with some smart and unexpected twists.

Lego's closest competitor was Kevin Hart's romance remake About Last Night, which took $27 million on its first weekend of opening with the new Robocop reboot coming in at third with $21.5 million earned. Last week's second placed movie, George Clooney's WWII drama The Monuments Men, slipped down to fourth place this weekend with $15 million; a wounding 31.8% reduction in earnings in only its second weekend.

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The eagerly-anticipated Colin Farrell 20th century romance, Winter's Tale, bombed on its first weekend, seeing only $7.79 million in ticket sales. Another debut, Endless Love, earned a middling $13.4 million, which allowed the Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde romance to slip into the top five. The unimpressive sales from both films perhaps shows that couples headed to the movies over the weekend were looking for more than simpering romance, with the comedy and action films proving more of a draw.

Despite having stopped screening at hundreds of cinemas and seeing a significant drop in revenue, Disney's Oscar-tipped musical Frozen still managed to cling to the top ten, having finally fallen out of the hot five.

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Adults & Kids Alike Flocked To 'The Lego Movie' Over The Holiday Weekend.