Funnyman Chris Rock has revisited Outkast hit track HEY YA! to poke fun at America's ongoing racial problems.

The comic, recently voted the funniest man in the world in an Entertainment Weekly poll, has filmed a new video to accompany his Hey Ya! parody CRACKERS.

The song is a satirical observation of racism against blacks in America, sung to the tune of ANDRE 3000's hit.

The lyrics to the tune include, "You raped my grandma/Ooh, you raped my grandma/My grandma and great-grandma/You kept raping them/Aah, AH, ah, AH-aaaal!"

Rock says, "It's like a Public Enemy record - but funny. There's nothing funny about rape, but there's something funny about it in the context of the song.

"The song Hey Ya! just seems so happy, so any depressing lyric with that same melody seemed funny to me."

But Rock admits he never thought his parody idea would ever be released as a single.

He adds, "I didn't expect for this to ever get played, but the record company was like, 'That's a single.' So here we are."

29/07/2004 09:48