Chris Rock wants Jay-Z to deliver a eulogy at his funeral.

The comic is a big fan of the rapper and believes he would be the perfect person to pay tribute to him at a ceremony to mark the end of his life.

He said: "Who would I have to deliver my eulogy? Jay-Z. It would be pretty sad. He has some songs that are like eulogies anyway. So that would be good. Everyone in my family would be into Jay."

Chris' 'Death at a Funeral' co-star Martin Lawrence would also like to have the '99 Problems' hitmaker - real name Shawn Carter - pay his respects at his funeral, along with a host of other hip-hop artists.

Martin told MTV News: "I'd have to get Jay-Z. But I have a lot of favourites; 50 Cent, Eminem, LL Cool J, Ice Cube - don't get me started on all of the rappers that I would want to do my eulogy. If there is anyone's name I left out, believe me, we just don't have enough time."