Chris Tucker was too scared to do his Michael Jackson impression in front of the pop superstar.

The 'Rush Hour' star mimicked the 'Thriller' singer in his early years as a stand-up comedian, and eventually went on to become friends with Michael - appearing in the video for his 2001 single 'You Rock My World' - but he never had the courage to show him his impersonation.

He said: ''I never dreamed of becoming friends with him but then when I met him he was just the nicest guy, the kindest man I ever met. He just befriended me like an older brother.''

When asked if he'd done his impression for the late star - who died in June 2009 - he added: ''[I was] scared that he'd be like, 'Who you doing?'''

Chris, 40, briefly became the highest paid actor in the world, starring alongside Jackie Chan in 'Rush Hour 3' and receiving $25 million for his role, but although he earned such huge sums, he says money was never his main motivation.

When asked how he managed to negotiate such a fee for the film, he told The Guardian newspaper: ''You know what, just ask. They say, 'Ask and you will receive.' I was blessed to do that. You always think, if you keep working hard you will get rewarded, that's always in the back of your mind.

''But the thing that really pushed me at the beginning was just people laughing. I think that's where my joy really came from.''