With just a few episodes to go before HBO series 'The Leftovers' wraps up for good in its third season, creator Damon Lindelof is hoping to impress a loyal fan base that have stuck with the franchise since its conception.

Chris Zylka (right) stars in 'The Leftovers' alongside Justin TherouxChris Zylka (right) stars in 'The Leftovers' alongside Justin Theroux

Telling the story of a global event called the 'Sudden Departure' where 140 million people across the world went missing simultaneously and only 2% of the world's population continued to exist, cults began to rise up as religions crumbled, with one in particular - the Guilty Remnant - causing a stir.

Actor Chris Zylka plays a member of that cult known as Tom; a character that viewers have seen trying to find his place in this new world. With such a rollercoaster of a story, the actor is of course very embedded within the world that Lindelof has created for him and his fellow co-stars. One of those co-stars he can't say enough good about is Justin Theroux.

Justin Theroux leads the cast of 'The Leftovers'Justin Theroux leads the cast of 'The Leftovers'

Speaking to Collider, he said of his fellow actor: "It's a complicated dynamic. I've always been looking for someone to look up to, and Justin is the ultimate good man. He's a pro at what he does. He's the grandest number one on the call sheet, and he's someone to look up to, as a human being. It's easy, being in the scenes, for me. I feel guilty. I look up to Justin so much, as a human being, that I would have to step back and be Tom, instead of looking up to him so much. He does everything the right way."

Asked how he thinks the experience has helped him evolve as an actor, he added: "Getting to learn from Justin, who went through hell on set, with mud, dead fish and everything you could possibly imagine thrown at him, and still see him keep up morale, higher than you could possibly imagine."

"I learned how to be a #1," Zylka concluded.

Whether or not we'll see Theroux and Zylka working together again when 'The Leftovers' wraps remains to be seen, but it would be a shame to see their incredible chemistry become a thing of the past once the show is over.

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'The Leftovers' continues Sundays on HBO in the US.