Chrissie Hynde has compared rock legend Neil Young to God.

Neil appears on the track 'Down The Wrong Way' on Chrissie's new album, 'Stockholm' and the former Pretenders singer was honoured to work with the Canadian musician.

She told the Daily Telegraph: ''If you believe in God, playing with Neil is probably the closest thing you'll have to being in the presence. A demi-God, let's say.

''As far as an individual, he's the hippy you always imagined him to be, funny, personable, real easy-going.

''He's like the guy who passes you the joint in the back of a station wagon as you're travelling across some dusty terrain.''

Meanwhile, Chrissie insisted that song-writing performs a cathartic function for her.

She said: ''I am not a poet, I am not a storyteller. I just kind of get stuff off my chest. These songs just tumbled out.''

Chrissie admitted that the central theme running through the new album - which has been described as edgy by various critics - is emotional concerns.

She added: ''That's why there's millions of love songs made out of just 12 notes. It's a Rubik's Cube times a thousand, there's so many possible combinations of primary colours.''