Christian Siriano has been awarded funding to produce personal protective equipment (PPE).

CJ Designs is one of 12 New York companies to share £5.2 million in incentives from the state of New York to create PPE for non-medical employees who are returning to work in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company, run by fashion designer Christian, 34, will receive £268,929 of the funding.

According to WWD, Governor Andrew Cuomo said: ''Christian Siriano quickly changed the scope of his high fashion Manhattan design and manufacturing studio to provide proper face coverings for two of the larger public employers in the state of New York. His company has invested £457,000 in this project, which allowed him to maintain his 17-person staff while promoting safety and economic recovery through the adaptation of his normal business. Christian is symbolic of great New Yorkers rising to the challenge and supporting the well-being of the larger New York State community.''

Christian shared the news on Instagram and wrote: ''Thank you @nygovcuomo for the support! We made so many masks, helped save lives and you helped save our employees and a small business in New York. So thank you! Available masks link in our bio.''

Cuomo replied: ''Thank you for everything you've done for New York!''