ABC have ruthlessly axed Christian Slater's Mind Games midseason after low rated airings. For the next two weeks, the network will use the Tuesday 10pm slot for extra samplings of promising midseason drama Resurrection. Beginning on April 15, the network will launch season 3 of Celebrity Wife Swap.

Christian Slater Mind GamesChristian Slater's 'Mind Games' Is No More

In fairness, Mind Games wasn't very good and the writing was on the wall since it debuted to a 1.1 demo rating two days after the Oscar telecast - when the show was promoted. It dived to a horrendous 0.6 in its second week and matched that rating again on Tuesday. It's the third ABC show to be cancelled in the Tuesday 10pm timeslot, following Lucky 7 and Killer Women.

Also starring Steve Zahn and Wynn Everett, Mind Games followed the story of two brothers who run a problem solving firm that employs solutions based on psychological manipulation. 

"NBC's "Ironside" was probably the worst new show of the 2013-14 season but this is a very close second. And it's particularly loathsome because one has to watch talented actors like Steve Zahn and Christian Slater suffer through this manipulative nonsense" wrote Brian Tallerico in his review.

"Lovable con artists can work on TV, as they did in "Leverage." They don't work here, because at every turn the premise and plot get clunkier," said David Hinckley of the New York Daily News.

"ABC hits a new low with Mind Games, an inexplicably and ridiculously convoluted drama which achieves the rare trick of making Christian Slater look like a master of understated acting," said Matt Roush of TV Guide.

Probably knowing that Mind Games' time was up, Slater has been working on some movie projects in recent months, including Way of the Wicked with Vinnie Jones.

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