Movie star Christian Slater and his wife Ryan Haddon are desperately trying to save their marriage after a fight in Las Vegas, Nevada, left him needing stitches and landed her in jail.

Police were called to the couple's suite at the HARD ROCK HOTEL + CASINO on 10 November (03) following reports of a domestic dispute and arrested Haddon, 31.

Slater has since claimed the fight was blown out of proportion, and he needed his nine stitches as a result of a glass accidentally slipping out of his wife's hand. But now he admits to American tabloid STAR that the Las Vegas incident was "a wake up call to both of us".

He says, "We are embarrassed and working hard on improving our relationship. For the sake of our children, we're working intently on improving our marriage."

Slater admits the couple have sought advice from marriage counsellors.

He adds, "We believe that any couple should consider seeking advice from anyone who can improve their ability to communicate."

21/11/2003 09:27