The Dirrty star's longtime pop rival Britney Spears is currently enjoying a long run of shows in Sin City, and recently extended her contract for another two years, while other high-profile stars including Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey have all been lured in by the lucrative deals in Vegas.

Aguilera has been tipped as the next big name to take up a slot in the gambling Mecca, but the star's manager, Irving Azoff, is adamant she does not need to do it.

Speaking on the Pauly Shore Podcast Show, Azoff says, "(It is) not time yet... No disrespect to Britney, or to Jennifer Lopez... and Shania (Twain), who did one, but Christina's not peaked yet. She's in the prime of the career... (Aguilera is) about to go back on (U.S. TV show) The Voice, about to finish a record, about to do another guest shot on (U.S. TV show) Nashville, and the record's amazing. She's never happier and never done better."