We know that people get forgetful as they get older but as she celebrated her 32nd birthday, it seemed that Christina Aguilera clean forgot to put her pants on. The Daily Mail have posted snaps of the raunchy popster looking decidedly festive and scantily-clad, as she celebrated at the afterparty for the end of The Voice. And she had plenty to celebrate, as it was her birthday too. We’re hoping that Christina at least had some knickers on under the t-shirt, though they weren’t exactly visible from the shots we’re looking at.

Aguilera has a history of venturing out in daring outfits and she didn’t disappoint on Tuesday night, that’s for sure. As she left the party after a night of celebrating, she was wearing a long black sequinned coat, black boots, fishnets, a glittery bib necklace and a ripped Mickey Mouse t-shirt (a sly reference to her Mickey Mouse club days?) and, er, not much else. Apart from a Santa’s hat. She held onto a friend’s hand for support as she left the party, looking ever so slightly worse for wear after the double celebration.

Christina had something else to celebrate, too. The man who hacked into her personal online accounts, as well as those of Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis, was sentenced to 10 years in jail this week. That’s still no reason to forget your pants though.