Christina Hendricks' everyday make-up is inspired by her 'Mad Men' look.

The 39-year-old actress has been playing Joan Holloway in the TV series - about life in an advertising agency - since 2007 and the 60s setting of the show has provided Hendricks with numerous make-up tips for her life outside of the programme.

Speaking at the launch of Birchbox's new limited edition collection of 'Mad Men'-inspired products, Hendricks said: ''I already liked the look, but being on the show taught me how to perfect it. I've gotten very, very good at the 1960s eye - it's very Brigitte Bardot, very Twiggy. On a lot of shows, you'll get touched up all day long, but my 'Mad Men' look just stayed. So, if I'm going to an event these days and I'm doing my own make-up, I do a little more powder than I used to. It just really sets it.''

The new Birchbox range includes Cargo peach blush and Anastasia brow gel and male products such as a Harry's razor, musky Plant body wash and Baxter of California facial scrub.

As well as revealing her own make-up routine, Christina recently discussed how her natural red hair has inspired her to be more playful with her clothing choices and looks.

She recently said: ''I think being a red head has encouraged me to be a bit more playful with my fashion, maybe be little bit more quirky and eccentric even, so when I go out in the evening I like to play with colour and jewellery and it sort of compliments being a red head.''