Christina Hendricks AFI Festival

Christina Hendricks steals the show at the screening of Ginger & Rosa at the AFI Festival

Forget their billing as co-stars, there's only one star in town when Christina Hendricks makes an appearance on the red carpet, and Elle Fanning and Alice Englebert had to take a back seat to the 37 year-old as she grabbed the lion's share of the spotlight at a screening of Ginger & Rosa yesterday at the AFI FIlm Festival (November 7). Hendricks wore a sequined low-cut figure-hugging top that showed off her cleavage, matching it with an also-sequined headpiece. 

Elle Fanning at the AFI FestivalAlice Englert at the AFI Festival

Elle Fanning [Left] and Alice Englert [Right] were Hendricks' co-stars in the small-budget British film

Fanning and Englert looked the part too, it has to be said, though they were in slightly less instantly-grabbing outfits, the former opting for a green and white striped gown, the latter going for a checked red and white affair. Indeed, this is the first time in anything related to Ginger & Rosa that Fanning has received anything less than the optimum attention, her performance largely regarded the highlight in a film that's had mixed reviews (we were certainly cautious in our praise of it). Directed by Sally Potter, the film is set during the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 and features a cast  that also includes Annette Bening, Timothy Spall and Alexander Nivola.

Ginger and Rosa director Sally Potter attends AFI

Ginger & Rosa director Sally Potter dressed relatively low-key for the event

Ginger & Rosa cast at the AFI Festival

[L-R] Christina Hendricks, Elle Fanning, Sally Potter and Alice Englert