Christina Milian feels like a ''modern-day'' Martha Stewart during quarantine.

The 38-year-old singer and actress has learned to multitask amid the Covid-19 pandemic, as she's found herself having to take care of her family, her home and her career all at the same time, and she described the 78-year-old star as her inspiration.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I'm doing my crafting, I'm doing my hobbies with beads, I have cooking, I'm organising closets, I'm doing TikToks, I'm doing a whole bunch of stuff.

''I mean, Martha Stewart is goals when it comes to households. It's kind of like, the dream.

''I was raised with some traditional senses, where my mom taught us how to cook, taught us how to clean, all of that stuff -- but now [I'm putting] a modern twist on it.

''You get the modern-day woman who's not only just a housewife or just raising kids. You also are running businesses, you're doing multiple things.''

Christina also pointed to the 'Martha Stewart Living' star's friendship with hip hop icon Snoop Dogg, and admitted she would love to reach the same levels of ''cool''.

She added: ''I'm totally down with Martha Stewart, because Martha Stewart is super cool.

''She's got a show with Snoop Dogg... I hope I can be as cool as her!''

Christina runs her own Beignet Box food truck - which is still operating safely during the health crisis - and she's balancing doing what she can for the company's social media while raising her baby boy.

She welcomed son Isaiah into the world with Matt Pokora in January, while she also has 10-year-old daughter Violet from her previous relationship with The-Dream.

She said: ''It's double the work. I'm multitasking like crazy, especially when we first started doing this homeschooling thing.

''I was going nuts, because I'm like, 'I'm not a teacher'. I feel like I'm going back to school again.

''Like, I have to look up on Google and YouTube how to do subtractions, multiplying fractions... but it's been nice to brush up on that stuff again, and you have to be patient with your kids.''