The hair and make-up stylist, who appears on the singer's U.S. TV show Christina Milian Turned Up, is expecting her third child with husband Richard DICkerson.

However, the pair was faced with a difficult dilemma when they discovered their unborn son has omphalocele, a condition that causes organs to grow outside the body, and doctors advised them to terminate the pregnancy.

Danielle tells, "The tech (person) said, 'I can't see the sex... because I am seeing... intestines'... I was told there's almost a 53 per cent chance of mortality... It was hard."

The baby's stomach, gallbladder, spleen, and liver could be seen outside its body during the scan, but the couple decided to continue with the pregnancy, and Danielle explains, "No matter how long he has in this world... I could not imagine taking his chance (at life) away."

Her elder sister Christina later praised her bravery on, writing, "Sending the warmest hugs to my sister... & my bro-inlaw (sic) for sharing their story... On her current pregnancy and bringing awareness to omphalocele... which the baby has been diagnosed (with). I pray this article can help shed light and bring peace to those experiencing the same. One thing I know is with prayer, family and positivity we can overcome all odds. Love you guys! God's got us and our special little Angel on the way."