As Dancing With The Stars entered its fifth week on Monday, it was time for the dancers to wave goodbye to one of their own. We were treated to a performance from R&B singer Aloe Blacc and the pro troupe which started the evening with a glamorous tone. However the tension was raised when host Tom Bergeron announced that "one of our female stars will be eliminated tonight."

Christina Milian
Though She Was One Of This Week's Highest Scored Competitors, Christina Milian Was Kicked Off The Show.

The stars then entered into a week given the theme 'The Most Memorable Year' of their lives. Corbin Bleu's foxtrot remembered 2011; the year his sister was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. He earned some serious praise from the judges, earning a total score of 28 and particular warmth from Len Goodman who called the actor a "terrific dancer."

Singer Christina Milian also earned an impressive 28 who said her most memorable year was in 2010, when she found out her child's father, The Dream, was cheating on her with his assistant. "It's scary kind of opening myself back up to those wounds and kind of opening up myself up to the world and being vulnerable, but I'm really proud of myself that I just let it go and it was handled very tastefully," Milian said via E! Online.

Jack Osbourne
Jack's Memory Of His Daughter's Birth Inspired Him Into The Next Round.

Jack Osbourne performed only slightly less well, with a score of 27. He was influenced by the 2012 birth of his daughter Pearl after his wife recently miscarried and dedicated his waltz to Pearl and his wife Lisa. However the same year was tinged with worry after he learned he had multiple sclerosis less than a moth after becoming a father. The judges were extremely impressed with Jack's dancing with Bruno declaring Jack had his "bum under control."

Leah Remini, who has recently had a very public exit from the Church of Scientology, danced a contemporary piece to Katy Perry's Roar with partner Tony Dovolani. Though judges enjoyed her marionette concept, Carrie Ann said that some of it was "a little bit rough" and Len added "it wasn't great," leaving Leah with the lowest score of 22.

Leah Remini
Leah Remini Drew Upon Her 2012 Experiences.

So, Corbin and Christina topped the week, with Leah at the bottom but did this mean a lowest score would see her voted off? Apparently not: Christina was voted off to a chorus of boos from audience members who disagreed with the outcome.

"Honestly I didn't think it was going to be me. I thought that because we had such a great performance tonight that the score it was really going to help us out but you know how it is," Christina said after the show. Unfortunately for the singer, her strong performance this week wasn't enough to top up last week's paltry votes.