Review of Lovestrong Album by Christina Perri

It isn't common for an unsigned artist to be invited to a prime time television show to perform, but that is exactly what happened to Christina Perri as she appeared on 'So You Think You Can Dance' in America. The performance resulted in a record deal that replaced her role as a café manager and the rest, as they say, is history for the 25 year old.

Christina Perri Lovestrong Album

The tone of Perri's debut album is set by opener 'Bluebird', an organic affair dealing with the raw emotions around heartbreak. Tinged with country, it thankfully stays away from self-pity, instead taking a more philosophical and endearing view. 'Arms' builds to a warming crescendo, while 'Miles' features a swooning chorus with some beautiful harmonies that could charm even the hardest of hearts. Anyone fearing a record full of emotional ballads need not fear though, as Perri shows versatility with the ska-influenced 'Mine' and soft-rocker 'Bang Bang Bang', which has the qualities of a sing-a-long anthem. The standout moment though is very much the song that brought her to prominence - 'Jar Of Hearts'. A piano driven ballad, it is a tale of defiance against a former partner who returns, and it will certainly stir emotions amongst anyone who has ever been jilted. The female solo artist market is currently headed by Adele, but on this showing Perri could and should overtake her, as she combines fantastic vocals with infinitely more charming tunes.

Alex Lai

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