Christina Ricci had "no bond" with her daughter during filming for 'Yellowjackets'.

The 44-year-old star's daughter Cleopatra - who she has with husband Mark Hampton - turned two in December, and she has admitted last year was "very upsetting" as she struggled to find a balance.

She told the 'Let's Be Clear with Shannen Doherty' podcast: "Last year I was commuting back and forth to Vancouver for 'Yellowjackets'.

"She didn't know me. We had no bond. So that was very upsetting."

Christina - who also has son Freddie, nine, with ex-husband James Heerdegen - admitted her children don't like her travelling, but she tries to take her eldest kid out with her when possible.

She said: "My kids do not like it when I travel. When I'm away, I try to take my son with me as much as I can."

However, she added: "If you're a series regular, you have to pay for everything, so I can't... every time I go up and down, I can't pay for four people, four flights, you know, and the rooms that you would need and all...

"It's just too expensive to travel with everybody all the time."

Despite finding it "difficult" to have a perfect work-life balance, the 'Addams Family' actress does her best to "manage it".

She added: "I try to get back as often as I can. I think really the thing that I learned, especially with my son, is mixing him into my work life.

"Why can't he come for the weekend to a convention and see what it's like?"

She has enlisted her son to take pictures for her at conventions, but she acknowledged how her career impacted him when he was younger.

While her husband Mark has been a great help with Cleopatra, she claimed her ex-husband "wouldn't help [her] at all with anything", and said: "There are certain things like my son was never sleep trained because I had to go back to work when he was two months old."