There’s a whole lot of upcoming animated movies which we’re excited about. The Incredibles 2, Cars 3 and Finding Dory are just a selection looming on the animation horizon that have got us more excited than kids at Christmas, but it just feels like the release dates are soooo long away. We need some kind of animated fix, stat!

the hero of color city'The Hero of Color City' is due out in October 2014

Fortunately, we’ve just seen the trailer for ‘Hero of Color City’, starring Christina Ricci and Rosie Perez, and it looks like it could help us to pass the time. You know what, scrap that, it looks like it may even be the best kids’ movie of the entire year! It looks freakin' ace! Basically, each night when Ben goes to sleep his crayons burst into life in their very own city of color. But when Ben turns off the light without finishing his night time artwork, the unfinished drawing threatens to block the source of their color meaning the crayons must set out to save their city before it fades into colorless obscurity.

The seven colors intent on saving Color City have until Ben wakes up, so just five hours, in which to stop the unfinished drawing, appropriately named King Scrawl (sounds ominous) before he blocks their rainbow waterfall, from which the colors are born. This is serious stuff, you guys. Along the way the crayons must each learn to find their “true color” and accept themselves for what they are.

We do like the moral behind ‘Hero of Color City’, it’s certainly something we can get on board with and it’s important to teach young children to embrace their own originality. The animation is thoroughly unoffensive, as it should be considering the movie is aimed at 3-6 year olds. Bright, simple and infused with infectious cheer, ‘The Hero of Color City’ looks like a smorgasbord of pleasure for little ones (and their grown ups).  The movie looks set to be what all great children’s films should be: simple, educational and a rollicking good time.

We hope we didn’t get your hopes up too much as you still have to wait until October for ‘The Hero of Color City’ to come out, but it’s a lot closer than some of the other animated movies that we’re waiting for.

In the meantime, watch the trailer and let us know what you think. Do you agree that ‘The Hero of Color City’ looks like it could be the best kids’ movie of 2014?

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Watch the Hero of Color city trailer: