Good news for indie fans today as a second album from Christine & The Queens has been revealed, titled Chris, along with the release of a brand new single ‘Doesn’t Matter’.

Scheduled for release on September 21st via Because Music, it’s the long-awaited follow-up to the first album Chaleur Humaine, which was originally released solely in lead singer Heloise Letissier’s native France in 2014 but then widely re-issued in February 2016.

Chris will be available on double CD, vinyl and as a limited edition box set when it comes out.

Following up on the album’s first single ‘Girlfriend’ released a couple of months back, Letissier also delivered the record’s second single ‘Doesn’t Matter’ this week. You can watch the video for it below!

Christine and the QueensHeloise Letissier of Christine & The Queens

Letissier also took some time to explain her transformation to the moniker ‘Chris’ on the eponymous second album to Beats 1’s Zane Lowe.

“I have the weirdest and the most beautiful job in the world, where I can get to choose and decide who I want to become and how far I want to go and where I want to go,” Letissier explained.

“And it had to be Chris at some point because I was bolder and stronger and had more muscle,” she continued. “At the same time, it’s me announcing to myself that I’m about to become that… It’s very much you allowing yourself to be even more, you know. This is why, to me, it didn’t seem like a stunt or anything.”

She added it felt “so natural” for her to “shed the rest of the stage name and to cut my hair… I had to make it visible and really blatant for people that something changed in me, and I was actually getting stronger.”

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