Christine And The Queens has urged fans to follow social distancing guidelines amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 31-year-old singer - whose real name is Heloise Letissier - has offered advice to fans during the current lockdown, telling them to stay indoors as much as possible amid the pandemic.

Speaking during the 'One World: Together At Home' live-stream, she shared: ''I know it's hard to stay inside. It's really strange, it's all about screens now and no human contact.

''I know it can be draining emotionally and it is, actually. It's the fourth week here in France and it's been quite intense.

''But the thing I've been saying to myself when I want to keep the motivation to stay in is to think about all the fantastic people working outside to eradicate the progression of the virus and to take care of the people who are affected, or the people who have to work, risking their help.''

The singer explained that by remaining indoors, the public can do their bit to fight the pandemic.

She also encouraged her fans to reach out to loved ones ''virtually'' amid the lockdown.

The music star - who was born in Nantes in France - continued: ''I think the thing I can do myself to be helpful, instead of singing, is to stay in and this is what I'm saying to myself if I feel a bit low.

''I know it's hard and don't hesitate to reach out to people if you feel down, virtually. Let's try to stay in right now intensely so it's over quicker.''