Christine And The Queens is set to collaborate with MGMT.

The French singer is usually too ''shy'' to reach out to other musicians but being in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has ''emboldened'' her so she contacted the 'Kids' hitmakers about the prospect of working on a new track together.

She said: ''I'm actually a shy introvert so I can be afraid to reach out. ''Sometimes even with musicians that I really admire I've wanted to reach out to but I've always felt, 'No, they're not going to get back to me...'

''Now everyone is at home doing nothing it's emboldened me a bit so I've been really connecting with other musicians, just to say, 'Hey, we should collaborate.'

''I'm a huge fan of MGMT so I've sent them an email. We've been talking about doing something.''

MGMT aren't the only artists Chris has been in contact with and she teased that she could even make a whole lockdown collaboration album.

She added to Q magazine: ''I don't want to say everyone's names at this point because I feel if I do it might not happen.

''Maybe when we're out of lockdown we're going to have s**tloads of 'featurings'.

''It will be this orgy of cool music with these collaborations that are out of this world.''

Writing music alone is no different from Chris' usual process, but she's been surprised to discover she's been more ''connected'' than she usually is.

She said: ''When I usually write a record, it's me being lonely.

''I choose to be alone when I write.

''I can't really cope with social interaction because I'm in a different zone.

''I'm also really disciplined with starting work every day at nine, stopping only to eat and going to bed.

''I'm trying to do the same now but in these weird weeks we're connected more than usual because it's our only window to the outside world.

''Now if I disappeared totally I think I would start to question my own reality, like, 'Am I even real?' We are checking in on socials to check that everyone is real.

''People are putting out Instagram stories to say, 'I'm still here!'''