Taylor Swift dances at awards shows to get over her nerves.

The 24-year-old singer admits she used to feel anxious going to huge ceremonies but she decided to get over her worries by throwing some shapes to the acts who play at the glittering events because she wants to make the most of the occasion.

She said: ''I used to get really nervous at awards shows because, seemingly, they're a huge pressure cooker. And everybody seems to be sitting there trying to look more unaffected by being at this awards show than the next person next to them.

''That can have an effect on you, and so you're in the front row and you're sitting there like, 'Maybe I should sit here like this.'

''A couple years ago I just decided, 'No. This is the coolest concert you could ever go to.' ''

While the 'I Knew You Were Trouble' hitmaker enjoys dancing the night away at various awards ceremonies, she is well aware her moves do not look ''cool''.

Speaking on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers', she said: ''This is like all these incredible acts playing their biggest songs and I get to be front row and I'm going to dance during this because I feel like it - and not because it looks cool, because it doesn't.''