Chrissy Teigen claims she is ''the queen of faux pas.''

The 29-year-old model, who married 'All of Me' hitmaker John Legend at the Villa Pizzo in Lake Como, Italy in September 2013, admits she often says the wrong things when she meets other famous people.

The outspoken star said: ''I am the queen of faux pas. I once told Robert De Niro that I really didn't like movies for some reason, which isn't true! I just got nervous!''

While she isn't shy, the Sports Illustrated beauty says stairs are one of her biggest fears.

She explained: ''I think in a past life I may have slipped and fallen and died. John knows. We're in a single-level home right now.''

Meanwhile, Chrissy says she is usually careful with her money, but can't resist when it comes to shoes.

She said: ''Shoes are the one thing I really can't hold back on. They make every outfit look better. There is nothing like a great pair of heels.''

The blonde beauty is very happy with John and claims their ''beautiful and fun'' relationship is ''effortless.''

She told PEOPLE magazine: ''It's sort of effortless - for now at least. People must think I'm lying when I talk about how good [my husband is], but by all definitions he really is perfect.''