Have you ever wondered about the concept of the Backstreet Boys' song 'I Want It That Way'? We can't say we've ever really thought about it either, but Chrissy Teigen certainly has. She has an important question regarding the 1999 hit, which essentially boils down to: Who wants what which way?

Chrissy Teigen at City Harvest HonorsChrissy Teigen at City Harvest Honors

The more we listen to it, the less we get it. It shouldn't be such a difficult concept to grasp, but it clearly is. Chrissy explained that she thought it was some kind of petty argument between a couple about who gets to say they 'want it that way'. Which obviously doesn't make any sense. But then... this was the nineties.

'I never wanna hear you say, 'I want it that way' cause I want it that way'. He doesn't wanna hear it because he is the one that wants it that way?' Chrissy wondered on Twitter. 'He wants to be the one to say it? Also what is 'it'? It seems they both want it the same way but are fighting over who gets to say they want it that way.'

Luckily, the boyband themselves were on hand to help the hilarious model work out the meaning of the lyrics behind one of their biggest songs. The only problem is, it's got even more complicated. We were much happier when we weren't thinking about it so hard.

'Don't wanna hear you say that you want heartaches and mistakes... or to be 2 worlds apart', Backstreet Boys replied. 'We don't want you to want 'it' that way - that's the way we want it... for you to not want it that way.'

That's all very well and good but, the thing is, it's not the first time the lyrics of this song have drawn criticism. Numerous journalists and music critics have attempted to dissect the song and summarise the general meaning, instead finding it completely nonsensical.

One of the reasons that have been put to the weird lyrical nature is the fact that co-songwriter Max Martin is Swedish, and his English wasn't quite as strong as it is these days back in the nineties.

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It's still a classic banger though.