Chrissy Teigen has welcomed her second child with husband John Legend, the model herself revealed this week.

The 32 year old swimwear model made the announcement on Twitter late on Wednesday night (May 16th). “Somebody's herrrrrrre!” she tweeted, following it with a series of baby bottle emojis.

The baby, already confirmed to be a boy but whose name has not yet been revealed, is a younger brother for the couple’s first child, Luna, who was born in April 2016.

Teigen made a brilliant pregnancy announcement back in November last year, posting a video of their toddler daughter pointing at her mom’s belly and shouting “baby!”.

John Legend Chrissy TeigenChrissy Teigen and John Legend have welcomed their second baby

Teigen’s husband, R&B singer John Legend, said at a red carpet event in January this year that Luna hadn’t quite grasped the concept of being a big sister yet.

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“We know there's a baby in there and she can say 'baby' but I don't really know if she knows what it means for her mother to be carrying another child and for that child to be her little sibling,” the 39 year old singer-songwriter explained. “I don't know if she's ready for that yet.”

Teigen made a significant contribution to publicity around post-partum depression a few years ago, shortly after giving birth to Luna. Speaking a couple of months back, she said that she was more confident about things the second time around, though she was still wary that the condition might strike again.

“Do I worry about it with this little boy? I do. But I also know that when it does happen - if it does - I'm so ready for it. I have the perfect people around me for it. That's why I stand for a real core group of people around me.”

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