Chrissy Teigen keeps her eye cream in the freezer.

The 29-year-old beauty has had her makeup done by the world's best beauty artists and one trick she picked up is chilling skincare creams because it helps her to feel awake.

Asked for her top hack, she said: ''That's hard. I mean besides all of the under-eye masks I use in the morning, I put my eye cream in the freezer. Having it nice and chilled and cold for you makes a big difference. It really wakes you up and I have really early call-times, so it helps.''

The model-and-actress - who is pregnant with her first child with 'All Of Me' singer husband John Legend - likes to do fitness DVD 'Body by Simone' and admitted she enjoys the ''soreness'' after doing it.

She told Harpers Bazaar magazine: ''I do Body by Simone every day, no matter how early my call time. Simone is so wonderful, she really tailors every workout to you and it's different every time. She has so much energy, she's so feisty and fun.

''I love that feeling of soreness after going and its unusual for me as I never claim to enjoy working out, but I really love seeing Simone.''