Chrissy Teigen just keeps on winning with her social media output. She just has no time for all the random and pointless hipster trends that are going on at the moment - the latest being rose-shaped ice cream cones. She had the perfect response to this crazy food art this week. 

Chrissy Teigen goes shoppingChrissy Teigen goes shopping

After coming across a video on Twitter of ice cream being scooped and carved into the shaped of a rose - called 'Blooming rose ice cream' - Chrissy decided she wasn't having any of it. Ice cream should be served and eaten; there's just no time for all this artistry!

'Oh jfc [Jesus f***ing Christ] just f***ing scoop the ice cream', she ranted alongside a link to the clip.

Meanwhile, not only is she giving the thumbs down to the latest food trends, she's also been using her account to troll Donald Trump in the most perfect way possible. After hearing about the President referring to his son in extremely odd terms, she decided to change her Twitter bio.

It now reads 'high-quality person'. It was Trump's press secretary that used the unusual phrase in a statement from the man himself this week. 'My son is a high quality person and I applaud his transparency', the statement read.

Furthermore, Chrissy used her common sense to defend Kim Kardashian, who was accused by a number of people of using cocaine after lines of some mysterious white substance appeared behind her in a recent selfie on Snapchat. Kim insisted that the substance was sugar from some of her kids' candy, and Chrissy went on to make a good point.

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'What kind of coke head lines up the drugs and just... doesn't do them?' She wrote. It's true, of course. Not many junkies stop mid-way through cutting lines to play with Snapchat filters. You keep telling 'em, Chrissy!