It seems even the most solid of couples have arguments and Chrissy Teigen - the other half to John Legend - has spoken about one particular row the pair had at the wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Chrissy Teigen and John LegendChrissy Teigen and John Legend are not always so happy

Appearing on Andy Cohen's show, Watch What Happens Live with her singer husband, the model blamed her 'insecurity' for the disagreement and said she wants to apologise to Kim, 38, and Kanye, 41, for their behaviour.

While John, 40 - who shares two-year-old Luna and Miles, eight months, with Chrissy - couldn't remember what the fight was about, the 33-year-old was as clear as day on the subject.

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The couple delved into the details after a viewer on Facebook wanted to know if the wedding fight rumour was true and what they argued about.

Chrissy said: "It was a major blowout."

"I don't think they knew," John said.

"Oh, everyone knew," Chrissy said. "I think I was really intimidated and I came from a lot of insecurity."

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The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model explained she was overwhelmed by all the 'fabulous, amazing people in one room' at the 2014 wedding in Italy.

"I consider you fabulous," Andy, 50, told the TV host, cookbook author and social media star.

"I was just very insecure, that's where it stemmed from and also drinking, so that doesn't help," she said.

Bravo chat show host Andy started a four-week run in Los Angeles this week and the Kardashian sisters appeared Monday with Kim confirming she and Kanye were having a fourth child via surrogacy.