Christoph Waltz is ''disappointed'' that there has not been an 'Alita: Battle Angel' sequel.

The Oscar-winning actor played the role of cyborg scientist Dr. Dyson Ido, the father figure of the titular character, in the original movie and is keen to reprise the part for a follow-up film.

When asked if he would be interested in another 'Alita' movie, Christoph told Collider: ''Of course! Of course I would! But, you know, I'm as wise as you are. I haven't heard anything and I'm a little disappointed and surprised that I haven't heard a thing so far, because I know that it has followers. I know that people liked it and aside from what others said, I loved it and I liked working on it and I liked the result.''

The 'Spectre' star, 63, suggested that the merger between Disney and 20th Century Fox may have impacted on plans for a second film, which Christoph believes may not ''fit into the Disneyfication'' of the Fox studios.

He explained: ''You know, it was Fox and Fox doesn't exist anymore. Now it's Disney. Maybe it doesn't fit into the Disneyfication, but I have no clue. I have no clue.

''Maybe they're working on something and I wouldn't be the first person to hear, but meanwhile, I haven't heard anything.''

'Alita: Battle Angel' was produced by filmmaker James Cameron and starred Rosa Salazar in the lead role. James previously explained that he had been inspired to make the movie by his daughter.

The 'Titanic' director said: ''I fell in love with the character - and we were lucky enough to get Rosa Salazar to play her.

''And I think she just comes off the screen - she's somebody whose journey you want to go on.

''When I acquired the material, my daughter at the time was seven or eight and I was looking ahead - you know, she was my eldest - I was looking ahead to what it's going to be like to raise a teenager ... a young girl coming into womanhood in this world. You know, it's stacked against women.''