Christopher Waltz has insisted that Quentin Tarantino isn't crazy after the legendary director got asked about gun violence one too many times, resulting in a bizarre Channel 4 interview exchange. 

Unfortunately, the unprovoked assertion that someone is not crazy, really serves one purpose: to remind us that Tarantino is probably a little bit crazy. We don't think crazy is a bad thing, after all, you have to be a little bit 'out there' to make the films he has. "I don't believe what I can read... I know it's media, for example I don't read actor's interviews because I know what happens to actor's interviews," says Waltz, whose fantastic performance in Inglorious Bastards earned him an Oscar. "There's no chance in hell that we would actually come across the same way as it was being done. I don't read about Quentin being crazy and quirky because I want to see it for myself and sure enough I saw something completely different and I liked what I saw infinitely better than what I could have read," he added.

Tarantino is evidently sick of being dragged into the gun control debate in the U.S because of the violent content in his films. Django Unchained also faced criticism for 'over use' of the N-word, and for trivializing slavery. Both claims that Tarantino denies.