Christoph Waltz says Daniel Craig's James Bond is ''more realistic'' than previous incarnations.

The 59-year-old actor stars as the villain Franz Oberhauser in the latest movie 'SPECTRE' and he believes there is no such thing as a Bond franchise, but that each movie is defined by the era and the actor who plays the suave super spy.

Speaking to Collider about Daniel's gritty take on Bond, he said: ''Daniel as Bond differs from all the other actors, his Bond is a little darker, a little more realistic, more psychological, a little more troubled than the carefree Roger Moore era.

''Every Bond movie differs from another because the story is different. Every actor defines the overall tone and impression, that's very much tied to the actor.''

When asked about the franchise, he said: ''There is no Bond franchise in general. That's an abbreviation for marketing people.''

Instead Christoph believes the series is simply tied together by some ''generalities''.

He added: ''That's important to see, that there are only specifics there - no generalities - on top of the world that we accept as the Bond world.''