It’s been a sad day for many movie fans today as the news of Sir Christopher Lee’s death has filtered through the media. Lee took on a number of incredible characters throughout the decades he was on screen from Frankenstein in the Hammer Horror film, to Count Dracula and, latterly, after the turn of the Century and already over 50 years in the profession, as Darth Tyranus in Star Wars.

Sir Christopher LeeSir Christopher Lee recently passed away at the age of 93

A character he didn’t portray, however, has become his lasting legacy on Twitter after many fans have posted their sorrow at the death of Gandalf.

Lee did in fact play the evil wizard Saruman in The Lord of the Rings trilogy but it was instead Ian McKellen that took on the role of his enemy, Gandalf.

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Unfortunately, much like when Nelson Mandela died and Twitter was instead filled with pictures of Morgan Freeman, Tweeters have been too eager to get their 140 characters written before checking their facts.

Lee was 93 when he passed away and had made over 200 film and television appearances over his long career.

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Sir Ian McKellen is, however, still very much alive and appeared at the premiere of his latest film, Mr Holmes, with his close friend Patrick Stewart in London last night.