Christopher Lloyd thinks 'Back to the Future' ''refuses to fade away''.

The 76-year-old actor starred opposite Michael J. Fox in the iconic sci-fi franchise and have claimed that while other popular movies have seen their appeal slide, 'Back To The Future' remains as loved as ever.

Christopher, who played the part of Dr. Emmett L. Brown, said: ''There's no other character that has come up, that keeps going for 30 years.

''They all have their time, and then they fade away. 'Back to the Future' refuses to fade away. I saw it last night, and I have to say it seems fresh and contemporary, not 1985, 1986. It has a lot of laughs.''

Christopher also heaped praise on his co-star Michael J. Fox.

Reflecting on a recent meeting between the pair, Christopher told Entertainment Weekly: ''We had such a good time.

''There's a really strong mutual admiration between us, and I love Michael and the work he does and his whole personality. He's an extraordinary person. We really enjoy our time together. It was fate.''

Fans of the franchise are celebrating Back to the Future Day today (21.10.15), marking the date Marty went forward to in time in 'Back to the Future Part II'.