Christopher Lloyd is calling on filmmakers to push through a sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit - because he'd love to reprise his villainous JUDGE DOOM role.
The Back To The Future actor starred as the sadistic cartoon killer in the 1988 comedy classic, which mixed animation and live-action together for the big screen.
Recent rumours suggest director Robert Zemeckis has commissioned a script for a follow-up, and Lloyd has quickly expressed his interest in bringing his character back to life.
But the star is still waiting to be invited on board the project, he tells Digital Spy, "I haven't. I know Bob Zemeckis of course, we're sort of neighbours in California and I just saw him the other day.
"Some of the people that work for him, co-producers, have mentioned it but nobody's come to me to say, 'We're doing another one, we'd like you to be in it', yet. I would absolutely love to though, yes. No doubt about it."