Joel Surnow, the co-creator of one of the most successful action-packed television series of all time '24,' is preparing himself for the release of his first full length feature film, the drama 'Small Time'.

Small Time
Devon Bostick, Christopher Meloni and Dean Norris star in 'Small Time'

The low budget film, which Sparrow paid for himself, follows the story of Freddy Klein, played by Devon Bostick, a teenager who chooses to not go to college in favour of working on his father's (Christopher Meloni) used car business.

Freddy's father, Al, works with his best friend Ash Martinit (Dean Norris) and they have formed a very successful business duo who use every sales tactic known to man, but are also not afraid of telling their unaware customers little white lies to secure a sale.

Freddy is attracted to this lifestyle and as soon as he graduates from high school, the teenage boy decides to skip college and purses a career by following in his father's footsteps.

Watch the 'Small Time' trailer here

Al is initially thrilled to hear this news, he has desired to spend more time with Freddy for quite some time, but is it too late before he realizes what a big mistake his son is making?

So what does the latest trailer tell us of Surnow's family drama?

Freddy's rash decision causes unnerve within the family, his mother Barbara (Bridget Moynahan), and Al's divorced wife, doesn't take to the news very well. "If you think that I am going to let our son throw away his life to become a peddler."she says to Al who quickly hangs up on her.

Small Time
Al (Meloni) and Martini (Norris) are a very successful car sales duo

The two minute-long video shows that Freddy takes after his father and is a natural salesman, highlighted in one instance when he tells a rather overweight lady about a new offer. "We are giving away a free George Foreman grill with every car we sell today," he says, which works as the women quickly agrees to buy a truck.

But behind Freddy starting his dream job, Barbara and Al are in a constant battle of what is right for their son, and at one very distressed moment, his mother quite harshly says, "If he ends up like you Al, I will hang offence."

Small Time
Freddy( Bostick) wants to work with his father, Al, rather than go to college

However, towards the end of the trailer it is clear Al is beginning to agree with Barbara, but is it too late to convince Freddy that college is the correct choice?

The Anchor Bay movie will hit theatres on April 18th.