Christopher Nolan has written a new comic book that centers on Dr Mann - the character played by Matt Damon in the British filmmaker's latest movie Interstellar. Absolute Zero focuses on the personal journey taken by the doctor before he is introduced in the film.

InterstellarMatthew McConaughey [L] and Anne Hathaway [centre] in Interstellar

The seven-page comic will be featured in the upcoming issue of Wired - which Nolan is guest-editing - though can also be read in full on Generally, Nolan has avoided releasing deleted scenes from his movie so Absolute Zero acts as a rare companion to fill in the gaps in the complex sci-fi epic. In a further helping hand for fans of the movie, Nolan's science advisor on Interstellar, Kip Thorne, has authored a book titled The Science of Interstellar. That book does not address plot themes and is more science based. The Christopher Nolan edited issue of Wired hits newsstands on November 25, 2014. 

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Interstellar continues to be a heavyweight presence at the box-office and rocketed past the $300 million mark this weekend. The movie, which follows Matthew McConaughey's character as a widowed engineer travelling into space to explore a newly discovered wormhole, opened to $42 million on its debut in the People's Republic of China. It represented Nolan's best debut in the country and Warner Bros' second best after Pacific Rim in 2013. $42 million is a big number considering Interstellar is not being shown in 3-D in China.  

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Elsewhere, Interstellar has picked up $15.8 million in Korea, $6 million in the UK and $5.3 million in Russia. 

Interstellar has now opened in most major markets, though will open in Japan this coming weekend. 

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