Christopher Nolan grew 300 acres of corn for his sci-fi epic Interstellar before selling it on for a profit. In trying to create the dust bowl setting for the movie, Nolan poached an idea from Clark Kent's upbringing in Man of Steel - which he also produced.

InterstellarChristopher Nolan grew 500 acres of corn for his movie Interstellar

Nolan said he phoned Superman director Zack Synder and asked about the specifics of growing a field full of corn.

"I phoned Zack [Snyder] and said, "Well how much did you grow?" and he told me they grew 300 acres and that it cost X amount, so we grew about 500 acres of corn and actually sold it and ended up making a profit off it!" he told the Daily Beast.

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Nolan has spoken about his crop field before.

"...And they had done a couple hundred acres [for Man of Steel], so we looked into it; we found that where we wanted to build our farmhouse really close to the mountains [outside] Calgary. In the end, we got a pretty good crop, and we actually made money on this," he told the Hollywood Reporter in October 2014.

Interstellar stars Matthew McConuaghey and Anne Hathaway and tells the story of a crew of astronauts who travel through a wormhole in search of a new home for humanity. It grossed over $650 million worldwide and got mainly positive reviews.

"Interstellar is a grand gesture in every way. And yet, it's Nolan's most humane film to date," said Dominick Mayer of Consequence of Sound.

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