With Daniel Craig confirmed to be returning at least one more time in the leading role of James Bond, talk has now once again turned to who will be behind the cameras, directing the action flick. Plenty of high-profile names have been thrown into the mix, but one man we know for sure won't be returning is Sam Mendes, who saw an underperformance in the box office with his final 'Bond' release, 'Spectre'.

Christopher Nolan is no stranger to winning critical acclaim with his filmsChristopher Nolan is no stranger to winning critical acclaim with his films

Following the huge success of 'Dunkirk' and of course his other major hits, such as the 'Dark Knight' Batman trilogy, Christopher Nolan has been hotly tipped to work on the currently untitled 25th Bond movie, referred to as 'Bond 25'. He seems like the perfect fit for the job, and is somebody a vocal portion of the 'Bond' fan base has rallied behind.

Unfortunately for them, Nolan has now denied he's the man for the job in a new interview.

Speaking with BBC Radio 4's desert Island Discs, the filmmaker was asked if he'd sit in the director's chair for 'Bond 25', to which he replied: "I won’t be the man. No, categorically. I think every time they hire a new director I’m rumoured to be doing it."

Though he's out of the running for 'Bond 25', Nolan did admit that he'd "love to make a 'Bond' film at some point", because of his love for the films and the characters woven throughout them.

"I’ve been very inspired by the films as anyone who’s seen my films will find embarrassingly obvious," he admitted. "But you’d only take on a franchise like that if you could bring something completely new to it, if that were needed. And I think at the moment they’re doing fantastically well without me."

Now, talk will continue as to just who will get the chance to put their stamp on the 'Bond' franchise, with Barbara Brocolli promising that the director could be a man OR a woman. If it does turn out to be the latter, history will be being made right in front of our eyes.

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We'll bring you more news on 'Bond 25' as and when we get it.