Rock icon Chuck Berry fears his days in the spotlight are numbered due to his deteriorated health, insisting his "voice is gone" and his lungs are "going fast".

The Johnny B. Goode hitmaker, 86, admits he can no longer hold a tune, but he is determined to continue performing his monthly shows at the Blueberry Hill club in St. Louis, Missouri, where he entertains fans with his guitar prowess - and the legendary musician has no plans to quit just yet.

He says, "Give you a song? I can't do that. My singing days have passed. My voice is gone. My throat is worn. And my lungs are going fast. I think that explains it."

Despite his health woes, Berry is eyeing a chart comeback after revealing he has six previously unheard songs - some written 16 years ago - that he wants to share with fans as soon as he finds a suitable business partner to secure a deal.

He made the announcement at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum on Saturday (27Oct12), when he was honoured for his career achievements with the American Music Masters Award.