Hip-hop legend Chuck D is convinced America's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) tracked his movements at the height of his fame because of his politically charged raps.

The Public Enemy frontman - real name CARLTON RIDENHOUR - helped write a new chapter in rap history during the late 1980s with his militant agenda promoting black power.

And the FEAR OF A BLACK PLANET star is convinced he was targeted by secret service agents just like the image of a black figure caught in the cross-hairs of a rifle sight depicted on the group's logo.

He says, "I think you'd be naive not to (feel targeted).

"Kind of reminds me of the period when CASSIUS CLAY was turning into Muhammad Ali, and at the fights he had Malcolm X, Sam Cooke... and this whole image of those powerful black men was just threatening.

"They would figure out how to shut that down, because it could have been the making of a new nationalist movement.

"Public Enemy, ourselves, SPIKE LEE - not just recording artists, but all kinds of people within the arts and communications blasted and exploded out during that '88, '89 period.

"Yeah, I'm sure we were targeted."